Stormwater Programs For Residential Properties

In October last year, Council passed a resolution to form a working group to consider a program for residential properties.  As a result of the working group, the City of Mississauga will have three stormwater programs for residential properties:

• Enhanced Residential Stormwater Outreach and Education Program
• Home Visit Pilot Program
• Stormwater Subsidy Program for Low-income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities in single residential homes

“The enhanced Outreach and Education Program together with a Stormwater Home Visit Pilot Program and a stormwater subsidy for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities will help address the needs of our residents and still allow the City to meet its stormwater financial responsibilities,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.  “The working committee formed of Members of Council and staff listened to residents needs and concerns to help determine the most valuable and balanced approach for the City.”
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Registrations open for City’s Driveway Windrow Clearing Service

Older adults and people with disabilities can apply for City’s Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program until November 11. The program helps clear snow at the end of driveways after road plowing.

“We want to reach out to residents before the onset of winter so they can sign up,” said Bob Levesque, Acting Director of Works Operations & Maintenance. “Applications are received at the community centres, Mississauga Seniors’ Centre or the Recreation Customer Service Centre.” Continue reading Registrations open for City’s Driveway Windrow Clearing Service

Just the Four of Us

Opening reception August 19, 7-9

PORT CREDIT, ON – During the month of August, Imagemaker Gallery is presenting the work of four very different artists, Margaret Byerley, June Hoffland, Barbara Clarke and Terry Gardner.

Their techniques range from acrylic abstract interpretations with wild washes of colour and texture, to softer watercolour images to landscape paintings.

“I find the medium of watercolours to be challenging, but perfect for expressions of subtle colour and intimate detail,” quotes Hoffland.

Gardner says, “My abstracts often result in moody landscape works, which lead the viewer to discern shapes and forms within them. There is something of the real world recognizable in my paintings.”

This eclectic group of artists believes that painting directs one to observe their surroundings carefully and to see the environment with a completely new set of eyes. Byerley says, “Sometimes I’m completely awed by how the pursuit of art has changed my perception of the world.”