City Receives $18,000 Grant to Build Pollinator-friendly Gardens

The City of Mississauga was awarded a total of $18,000 by Scotts Canada Limited through the Scotts® Miracle-Gro’s GRO1000™ 2018 Garden and Green Space Grant Program.

“Initiatives like this make a positive impact on our environment. Without the assistance of pollinators, most plants are unable to produce fruits and seeds, which are essential food sources for people and wildlife,” said Jodi Robillos, Acting Director, Parks and Forestry. “We’re grateful to Scotts Canada and Communities in Bloom for funding the creation of more pollinator-friendly gardens throughout Mississauga. Our focus remains on building spaces where pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, can improve their health, be active, thrive and encourage the revival of pollinator populations.”

Scotts Canada and Communities in Bloom provided the City with a total of three grants:
• $15,000 for the Streetsville Pollinator Showcase Garden
• $1,500 for the Dr. Martin L. Dobkin Park Pollinator Garden
• $1,500 for the Port Credit Library Pollinator Garden

The pollinator-friendly gardens will contain perennial flowers and plants to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Pollinators feed on nectar and collect pollen, transferring the genetic material necessary for the reproduction of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

“The last installation of Canadian GRO1000 gardens will happen in Mississauga in spring 2018,” said Karen Stephenson, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Relations at Scotts Canada Limited. “This will coincide with the 150th anniversary of the founding of Scott Miracle-Gro. We thought it would be fitting to celebrate the last of the Canadian GRO1000 gardens in Mississauga, where our Canadian headquarters is based.”

An official event will be organized by the City to celebrate the gardens will take place in late May.

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